The Health Resources and Services Administration developed projections to better understand behavioral health workforce needs by 2025. These projections predict that by 2025, each behavioral health profession will experience a shortage. Thus, there is a need to further investigate factors that impact behavioral health workforce capacity.
This project will address the following research questions: 

1) how do systems-level factors (e.g. facility characteristic, state finance/delivery models, scopes of practice) influence behavioral health workforce capacity, 

2) which systems-level factors impact how the behavioral health workforce effectively delivers service, and 

3) which data sources are available to quantify the variability in behavioral health systems-level factors? 

Results will inform behavioral health workforce policy development, specifically around identifying and removing barriers related to behavioral health workforce capacity so that opportunities may be better targeted where needed most.


To be released in Fall of 2020


Coming Fall of 2020


Dana Foney, PhD